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Mind + Body Wellness


When I started having chronic hip pain, I felt hopeless and limited in my ability to exercise. Amayah helped me overcome my injury by teaching me how to strengthen the muscles supporting my hips and made sure I understood that this was not a limitation. Amayah not only helped me improve my overall health but also gave me the confidence I needed to make a positive change in my life!

Lisa Bura

This woman goes above and beyond! I have chronic back pain and struggle with depression but she managed to really help me work through some of these deeper issues outside AND inside of sessions! I left each session feeling more capable, empowered, and noticed a big difference not just in my muscle tone, but my attitude and perspective. Look no further for a better coach!

David Berman

Amayah truly made me feel more comfortable with my body and sense of self through her program. I have struggled with body dysmorphia my entire life and have had trouble maintaining a workout regimen and healthy lifestyle habits. But working with her has really helped transform my life for the better and I am so grateful for everything that she has done for me!

Amy Gilligan

I had no idea that her 3x per week sessions would be so transformative for me. The progress that I have seen in my physical strength can hardly compare to the growth in my emotional ability. Extremely effective in her planning, explanation, and discussion, Amayah puts effort into educating, challenging and pushing me in a way that has contributed to my growth across all aspects of my life. I came into my first session with no gym experience and tons of emotional baggage. Each time I train, brings new gains in my confidence and physical ability, along with personal insights that have undoubtedly improved my perspective!

Caspia Jade

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